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All Access Music offers the latest radio industry news and music news, music promotions for record companies new music, radio station song charts, and much more. In late 2017, they interviewed Alli Fitz.


Thanks for your time today! Where does this interview find you? Is there music playing in the background? If so, what is it? What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood? What is a song you are loving these days?
Thank you for having me! Yes there is music playing in the background. The song playing is called “Lonely Night” by Fifth Harmony. Upbeat pop music by Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and Dua Lipa get me out of a bad mood instantly. I recognize their voices right away so anytime I hear them I just get happy. A song I’m recently obsessed with is “Games” By Demi Lovato. The beat is insane.

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician? Can you recall your earliest musical memory? Was there a time where you thought of doing something completely different?
Yes! Ever since I was 8 years old I was putting on fake concerts with my sister in our basement. We’d sing every Beyonce song on her album. It was so fun, and I realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Yes, there was a time in high school where I wanted to be an actor instead of a singer.

Musically, did you approach this year any differently then you did last year? How has 2017 been treating you and your career? What are you most excited about for in 2018?
Yes I approached this year way different than I did in 2016. In 2016 I mostly focused on making YouTube videos and other social media videos, but this year I’ve been putting my focus into music and going to the studio a lot. 2017 has been amazing with my music career because I finally got to release two of my own original songs, and people really like them which is so cool! I’m so excited for 2018 because I’m working on releasing an Album or EP. Can’t wait

I always like to ask artists about where they came from and how that city or town has influenced them as an artist now. So how do you think your hometown in Ohio has affected you and your music today?
Well in Ohio there isn’t really a lot to do, so I guess that helped me to make content and I was able to write songs, because I’d be just sitting in my room anyway. Why not write a song while I’m there?

How do you think that you have grown as an artist and ultimately, as a person since you first starting posting on social media?
I think I’ve grown as an artist and a person since posting on social media because before social media I was always afraid to sing in public. My mom would be like “You want to be a singer? Sing then. Right here. Right now.” And i would be too scared to do it. But because I’ve posted so many singing videos on social media, I’m not really afraid to sing in public anymore. I feel like I found my voice because of social media in a way.

Let’s talk about your brand new single, “Disease.” What was the inspiration for this song? How creatively involved were you with the making of the music video for it?
The inspiration behind the song “Disease” was a relationship I was in a couple years back. It was an emotional rollercoaster, and very toxic for me, kind of like a disease. I was really involved in the music video creatively. My directors would always tell me to “do what feels right” and they’d ask me what I think should happen at certain points in the video. So I felt like I had a lot of creative control over it.”

After all your years on social media, what made you finally decide to embrace your passion for music and put that on display? Has this been something that you wanted to do for a long time? What was it like putting up your first cover song and video to “Hair” by Little Mix?
To be honest, when Vine started dying that was what made me decide to embrace music more. Mostly because all of us (Viners) had to find something else to do when the app finally died. And since I already knew how to sing and really liked to, I decided to pursue it! Also one of my goals in life was to put out my own original song. Putting up my first cover music video was very exciting but also very scary. I was afraid of the reactions I’d get from the viewers. I wasn’t sure if they’d like my voice, or my version of the music video since it was so different from the original. But overall the viewers ended up really liking it which boosted my confidence with singing and making future music videos.

When do you hope to put out more original new music and full-length album of new songs? Are you currently in the studio working on music?
I hope to put out an album in 2018 for sure. I’ve already got more than a few songs done. Yes I’m currently in the studio working on more music to put on the album! I can’t wait!

Do you have any upcoming plans to play out life this fall and winter? Is that something that you are really excited about doing soon? Are you nervous at all about the idea of playing live in front of an audience?
Mostly my upcoming plans include being in the studio constantly, and maybe doing some live shows. YES I’m so excited about live shows. I want to show my fans that I can sing in the studio, and I can sing live too. I’m always nervous before a show but as soon as my feet hit that stage, I’m ready to sing.

With the summer over now, what was something fun or new that you tried this summer?
Performing at VidCon this summer was very fun! Vidicon is a social media meet and greet convention where fans can meet their favorite YouTubers and content creators. It was also new to me because I used to only go to vidicon to do meet and greets, but to be able to perform there was amazing and totally a different scene.

We are living in a crazy and at times rough world right now so I am curious how you think being a musician gives you the most joy in life today? Do you think that new music being created today is going to reflect these difficult times?
Music makes me happy. When things are rough in my life I usually have a song that I can listen to that’ll change my mood completely. So being able to have music in my life as my career brings me the most joy. I feel like new music might touch on the difficult times because I know we can all relate to it.

Who are some of your favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music? What musicians would you absolutely love to work with in the future?
My biggest singing inspiration is Demi Lovato. Her vocals are incredible. I admire that she can hit every high note LIVE like she does in the studio. I also love that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Also some other artists I love are Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, Alessia Cara and Moxie Raia. They all have such powerful voices. They definitely inspire me, and my music. I’d love to work with those ladies and Fifth harmony too. I feel like we’d make a killer girl power song.

What do you hope fans take away from your music? Do you think there is a message to a lot of your songs?
I want to make music to let my fans know that it’s okay to love yourself and it’s okay to leave a relationship or friendship if it feels toxic to them. And yeah if you really listen to the lyrics in my songs, I’m sending plenty of messages. Haha.

What advice would you give to a young person who is thinking about becoming a musician one day?
Keep going. Don’t give up. There are going to be hundreds of people telling you that “you can’t do it.” But if you just believe in yourself and shut those other people out, you’ll go far, I promise.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about yourself, your music or the show?
Just be on the lookout for my album in 2018! It’s coming!

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