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The Pop Hub is an unbiased and reliable source for the latest news on pop culture. On August 7th, 2018, they interviewed Alli Fitz.


Who are your favourite artists to cover?
My favorite artists to cover are Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, and Meghan Trainor. I feel like we all have similar vocal ranges.

You seem to have a love for throwbacks. Do you see your future music having a retro flair to it?
Definitely! I was just talking to my producer-friend about adding more retro (& 90’s) flair to my future music!

What perspectives are your favourite to write songs from? (Heartbreak, Joy, etc)
My two favorite perspectives to write from are heartbreak and empowerment. Because we’ve all experienced heartbreak... it sucks. And whenever there’s heartbreak, there has to be empowerment within yourself to get over that heartache. So I try to write songs that cater to both.

You're on the frontlines of a growing movement in the music industry. What are some of the freedoms of not being signed to a label?
Then number one freedom is to be able to release music whenever you want. That’s the main thing. If I write something I’m super excited about and want it out right away, I can do that, but with labels you have to wait until they say “go.”

The music industry can be harsh for budding female voices. What female artists inspire you to be bold?
Demi Lovato, hands down. She’s been through so much and still has so much confidence within her voice and herself. I admire her so much! Beyoncé as well because, hello... she’s Beyoncé (laughs).

A fierce vocal production is often the centerpiece of your songs and covers. Where do you draw your vocal influences from?
Christina Aguilera is one of my vocal influences because when I was young, her and Britney Spears were the only young pop stars out. I used to listen to Christina hardcore. I thought her vocals were so strong and so good.

What drove you to title your upcoming track "Tragic"?
This is a good question (laughs). When I wrote this song a year and a half ago, a lot of people on twitter were using “tragic” as a response to everything. So, I was like, “this word needs a theme song”. And *bam* “Tragic” was born (laughs).

Walk us through the songwriting process of "Tragic".
Well, my producer-friend, Andrew Wade, sent me a couple minutes of some beats he was creating, and I just sat down in my Jeep and wrote the chorus to "Tragic." Then, emailed it to him. He said he loved it, and the next thing you know, I was in his studio and we were writing out the verses!

Have you begun picturing potential visuals for Tragic?
Yes I have! Stay tuned for a lyric video and a possible music video in the future! Shhh (smiles).

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